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Our group

Prof. David Friedecký (Head of the group)

[email protected], +420 588 446 510

David is the head of the group. His research focus covers metabolomics, lipidomics and other fields of mass spectrometry in clinical research. In the routine diagnostic lab, he is responsible for LC-MS methods – newborn screening, therapeutic drug monitoring and methods for diagnosing inborn errors of metabolism (IEM).

Radana Brumarová, Ph.D. (Postdoc)

[email protected]

Radana is interested in metabolic disorders, biochemical pathways, and metabolomics. She focuses on biochemical interpretation and evaluation for understanding changes in metabolic pathways.

Dana Dobešová, MSc. (Ph.D. student)

[email protected]

Dana is interested in LC-MS-based quantitative targeted metabolomics. As a biochemist, she is studying purine metabolism by metabolomic and mass spectrometry methods.

Eliška Ivanovová, MSc. (Ph.D. student)

[email protected]

Eliška focuses on targeted multicomponent LC-MS analysis for diagnosis of IEM. Her objective is to develop a screening method with application in clinical practice.

Barbora Piskláková, MSc. (Ph.D. student)

[email protected]

Barbora is interested in targeted LC-MS organic acid analysis. She is responsible for routine LC-MS analysis of organic acids in urine samples, data interpretation for the diagnosis of inherited metabolic disorders and method development.

Aleš Kvasnička, MSc. (Ph.D. student)

[email protected]

Aleš is interested in targeted and untargeted lipidomics. He is primarily responsible for data processing statistical evaluation and biological interpretation of acquired data.

Jakub Rozhon, MSc. (Ph.D. student)

Lenka Štefaničková, M.D. (Ph.D. student)

Matúš Prídavok, Ing. (Ph.D. student)

Matúš works as an analytical chemist and laboratory specialist at the National Institute of Children’s Diseases, Slovakia. He is doing his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Medicine, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czechia and is focused on the application of metabolomics in the study of inherited mitochondrial disorders.