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Visiting scientists

Jade Bich Nguyen, M.D. (Biochemistry Department, Hanoi Medical University, Vietnam)
01/10/2023 – 01/12/2023)

Project: Professional training internship at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University Hospital Olomouc and in the Laboratory for Inherited Metabolic Disorders.
Funding: IFCC Professional Management Exchange Programme (PMEP)

Dominika Olešová, Ph.D. (Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia)
01/03/2023 – 31/05/2023)

Project: Mechanisms of the acute adaptive response to a single stress cycle of aerobic exercise: Lipidomic and metabolomic analysis of extracellular vesicles from cerebrospinal fluid and serum.
Funding: National Scholarship Programme of Slovakia to support the mobility of students, doctoral students, university teachers, researchers and artists

Aleksandra Arsic, Ph.D. (Centre of Research Excellence in Nutrition and Metabolism, Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade Serbia)
(13/03/2023 – 14/04/2023)

Project: Lipidomic profiling of plasma in breast cancer women supplemented with fish oil and evening primrose oil during chemotherapy and aromatase inhibitors therapy.
Funding: Short-Term Scientific Mission Grant from COST Action: CA19105 – Pan-European Network in Lipidomics and EpiLipidomics