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Students in our lab

Master’s thesis
Currently ongoing
  • Ivana Rošková: Analysis of organic acids in biological samples by LC-MS/MS for diagnosis and study of pathobiochemistry of selected diseases (supervisor: Barbora Piskláková)
  • Martina Horejšová: Effect of cytidine metabolic pathways on cytarabine treatment of hematological malignancies (supervisor: Barbora Piskláková)
  • Martina Kadláčková: Development of an LC-MS/MS method for the determination of biomarkers of atypical equine myopathy from dry blood spots (supervisor: Dana Dobešová)
  • Jakub Huška: Utilization of lipidomics in clinical applications (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)
  • Markéta Camfrlová: TBA (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)
Successfully finished
  • Veronika Fryzelková: Targeted metabolomic analysis of plasma samples from renal cell carcinoma patients (supervisor: Dana Dobešová)
  • Kristína Jamrichová: Lipidomic analysis of apocrine sweat (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)
  • Ivana Štrauchová: Metabolomic and lipidomic study of cerebrospinal fluid samples from patients with Alzheimer’s disease (supervisor: Dana Dobešová)
  • Radka Freitagová: LC-MS/MS analysis of urinary sugars and polyols for the diagnosis of selected inherited metabolic disorders (supervisor: Eliška Ivanovová)

Bachelor‘s thesis
Currently ongoing

Olga Vasilyeva: Bioinformatic approaches in lipidomic data analysis (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)

Matěj Pavlíček: TBA (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)

Successfully finished

Markéta Camfrlová: Lipidomics in patients with gout and hyperuricaemia (supervisor: Aleš Kvasnička)